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The Posting of Unrealted Bits Continues - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Posting of Unrealted Bits Continues [Feb. 6th, 2009|11:20 pm]
The Friday upload of photos from The Library of Congress at Flickr went up on Wednesday instead, and it was all Abraham Lincoln-related stuff anyway, so you'd think I'd have had more time to do LJ stuff today, not having anything obscure to dig into there. Nope. I found that the L.A. Public Library went and made a 1915 city directory available online, and I had to go digging into obscure stuff about that instead. Did you know that Los Angeles already had over fifty movie theatres in operation by 1915?

Naturally, I had to try to figure out how many are not yet listed at Cinema Treasures. So far it looks like it will be around forty of them are still missing. I must add them to the database! Obsessions are a terrible thing. Especially when the Internets get involved.

Oh, the rain mostly let up today, and it was mild out, and the partial cloudiness made the sky very pleasant to watch. Tomorrow should bring more of the same. It looks as though not much is going to be added to the snow pack.

There's now an entire online store devoted to LED lights! They last for ages and I'd probably never have to change a bulb again as long as I live! Covet.

Speaking of LED's (and movie theaters): The Billy Wilder Theater makes the jump to hyperspace!

Also perhaps of interest: David Morris of The Institute for Local Self-Reliance sez Obama's Renewable Energy Initiative May Not Bring Power to the People. Al Gore supports the "national smart grid" idea, too. Al! Don't go over to the dark side (where the coal is!)

Wait, there's more (get ready for a truly awful pun now!) If you guys support this idea, the ILSR will have a Boone T. Pickens with you!

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2009-02-07 11:32 am (UTC)
>If you guys support this idea, the ILSR will have a Boone T. Pickens with you!


the other night, colbert told steve martin he had a bone to pick with him and a beef. martin said he'd go for the beef but not the bone. colbert compromised and said they'd pick the beef from the bone. not related, but this brings that to mind. *g*
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