rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wet At Last

Clouds wreathed Sawmill Peak this afternoon, and rain-soaked streets glistened as drivers turned their headlights on before dusk fell. I got to be one of only four customers at the pizza place. Even Safeway was barely busy. A rainstorm is the best time to shop.

Tonight, the trees continue to drip during breaks in the rain, so there is always the sound of water. Unfortunately, there's also the sound of water in the den as the roof continues to leak. The old leak directly over the television has started dripping again. I've got a pan sitting atop the VCR. Someday there'll probably be an electrical fire out there. That will be terribly inconvenient. But maybe I'll die of smoke inhalation and then won't have to worry anymore about the toxic mold that is undoubtedly infesting the ceiling rafters. No catastrophe is without its redeeming points.

Unrelated: Creepiest photo of Pasadena ever.

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