rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

There's Saturday Gone

Every night more moths gather on my back porch. Every afternoon I find more moth cadavers in the sink. We never run out of moths, I guess. I believe they are rich in protein. Maybe I should begin harvesting them, for when we run out of food. Can moth cadavers be frozen?

Other times: The last night of operations at the old Pacific Electric depot in Los Angeles, September 14, 1963. I remember that drinking fountain. A whole set of photos tagged "depot", with many from the last night, as blurry as my memory. I'm in none of them.

Currently: Sunny and warm, sunny and warm, sunny and warm, sunny and warm, cooling with 30% chance of precipitation on Thursday. Water for the poppies which are poking through the ground in my back yard. I hope there'll be enough.
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