rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tomato, Tomahto, Let's Call the Season Off

This is the time for anybody who likes vegetables and has space to grow them to begin planning for a garden this year. California produces a surprisingly large percentage of the nation's vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy products, meat, and animal feed. Most of it is exported, either fresh or packaged in some way. Most of it is produced on irrigated land. Now there's a problem.

The Sierra snow pack, which is the primary source of California's water supply, is so paltry at the end of what is usually the wettest month of the year that some of the state's prime growing areas probably won't be getting any water for irrigation this year, barring a sudden and unlikely change in the weather pattern. A substantial reduction in supplies of most of the stuff California grows will probably ensue. That will mean a substantial increase in prices of those products, and of other products that buyers will turn to as substitutes.

There's not much the average person can do about securing their own supply of oranges or almonds or grapes, since trees and vines take a long time to begin bearing, but lots of veggies will grow in lots of places, and you begin harvesting them not too long after you plant them. Having your own garden is probably going to be the best way to avoid the likely price spike to come, and the possible shortages of some products. Find out what grows best where you live, get some seeds or seedlings, dig up that scruffy patch of lawn, and beat the drought you didn't know was going to affect you.

And you wouldn't believe how balmy it is here today. Hungry bees are about. We are so screwed!

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