rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Stuff Happens, I Write About It

Well, rats. L.A.'s Metropolitan Transit Authority went and started a Flickr photostream and already has over 2500 photos in it. I'll never get any damned sleep! All that catching up to do. I remember riding in streetcars that looked like this when I was very young. I used to look for Hitler every time I rode the streetcar, because I'd heard that he might still be around, hiding out somewhere. I figured Los Angeles would be a likely place. I never saw him, though. He was probably in Texas.

My head-yanking is over for another month, though, and went well. Eventually my head should actually be on straight, but it sure is taking a long time.

It got so warm this afternoon that the gray kitty, sleeping in the back yard, moved from the sunlight into the shade. The mildness made it pleasant to spend the evening outside watching Venus sidle up to the crescent moon. Tomorrow the two of them are supposed to get cuddly again. Watch for it.

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