rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

On Saturdays I Ramble (only on Saturdays?!)

The acorn woodpeckers and I enjoyed another rainy day. A few crows joined in the festivities, too. The squirrels did not emerge, nor did either feral cat. I sat on the porch for a while, listening to the dripping rain. Actually, I could have sat in the den and enjoyed pretty much the same effect, since the ceiling is leaking more than ever. Well, it was probably a bit dryer on the porch, so that was the right choice, even though it was colder out there. The serious cold will arrive Tuesday, after the rain departs. The good news is that I can stay warm by drinking lots of coffee, and keep the dementia at bay, to boot! What's a little bit of freaking out from a caffeine overdose if it improves my memory a couple of decades hence?

Jason Scott wants to have sexual intercourse with a cloud (not really. It's about the inevitable disappearance of everything on the Internet. Maybe the Internet needs coffee?) But it has some interesting links in it, including one to, an archive of all sorts of crap from the Internet back in the days before I even had a computer. It's like an Internet Archive for random textual crap, such as Beaver – Gone Bad!! I missed out on so much of the Internets's youth!

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