rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Friday Fragments

Rats! I forgot my laundry in the dryer last night, and now it's all wrinkly. I'll have to re-heat it, delaying my shower. Of course I could just go outside and stand in the rain for a while— but it's pretty cold rain. Cold, but welcome. If it keeps up for a few more days, the moss will get nice and thick. The view from my window is always improved by the moss that covers the trunk of the mulberry tree, as long as the moss is well-watered. When it dries out, the view gets a bit mournful.

This afternoon, the acorn woodpeckers were hanging out on the leeward side of the telephone pole again. I wonder they don't get bored perched there when the rain goes on so long, but two or three of them were there for over an hour. Birds must be way more patient than I am. I'd have been off getting soaked within ten minutes.

Today was upload day for the Library of Congress photostream at Flickr— always a big time-eater for me.

Ding. Dryer's done.

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