rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sandwich I got from the pizza place tonight was uncommonly good. Thanks for the improvement in the quality of fast foods, Mr. President.

The hamburger I had last night was quite disappointing, though. But then, the meat was probably packed during the Bush presidency, so what could I expect?

Kidding aside, I am enjoying the sight of the Augean stables getting hosed down. But, damn, is that runoff going to stink!

So far there's been less rain than I'd hoped for from this storm, but it's supposed to stay rainish through Wednesday, so there's plenty of time. Meanwhile, we've had some delightful fog, as the clouds settled earthward and shrouded the forest in a peaceful gray coolness much of the late afternoon. Most of the birds made themselves scarce, but there were several hardy acorn woodpeckers about, undeterred by the damp, chattering and pecking happily.

Forgive me? (I certainly won't blame anybody who doesn't. Seriously, you'd think I'd have grown up by now!)

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