rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

cough cough

Digging through stacks of stuff is dusty. I have lots of stacks of stuff. I'm looking for a particular thing and I come across other things and get distracted by them and never get to the thing I was first looking for. Some of the things I just came across were old spiral-bound notebooks I used to carry around when I was 18 or 19. Mini-journals, I suppose. Maybe I'll post some excerpts sometime. I don't know. They are pretty bad in places. As I read through them I kept thinking what was I thinking? We shall see.

But what I was actually looking for was a book called The Journal of Albion Moonlight. I can't remember the name of the author, and it is driving me nutty. One reason I want to find it is because it contains an anonymous pre-Shakespearian poem called Tom o' Bedlam, which I had the sudden urge to post. I don't know exactly why, but there it is. I frequently don't know why I want to do one thing or another, but I'm always displeased with myself until I do it. Drat my lack of shelves!

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