rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Oh, dear. I saw a tiny cricket, no more than a quarter inch long, by my back door. More have probably hatched. They'll be in trouble when the cold returns. That isn't going to be for at least five days, though. There was another small moth flying about tonight, too. Most likely a whole generation of insects will get wiped out later this month. Poor bugs.

There's no sympathy for the black widow I just squashed, though. It took up residence behind a piece of furniture that's too close to the back door a couple of days ago. I didn't want to spray anything in the house, and didn't want to move large objects about, but a few minutes ago I found the spider crawling on the back door, so I seized the opportunity and crushed her with my foot. Any other spider would have gotten a pass from me, and even black widows go unmolested most places outdoors. But venomous arachnids are not welcome inside my house— especially when they're hanging around spots I frequently walk by in the dark. Learn the rules, spiders!

Cirrus clouds all afternoon, and feral cats basking in the yard. Not fighting, just napping, about 50 feet apart. I wonder if they'll end up getting along with each other?

RIP: Yesterday, Patrick McGoohan, today Ricardo Montalban.

I'd say Peter Falk should avoid getting into risky situations tomorrow.

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