rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The minute I opened my drapes this afternoon, the brightness of the sun made me sneeze. Such an unaccustomed light! All that blue in the sky was a bit shocking, too. There should be a respite from it on Thursday, though, as another piss-ant storm is due and will probably bring a slight dampening of the ground, along with gray sky. I'm on the verge of giving up hope for an actual, water-bringing winter of any consequence. If it stays this dry, this will be the third year of droughtishness here. More fires next summer, then. Crap.

A bunch of the dogs east of here went on a howling binge a few minutes ago. I wonder what's up? Maybe there's a bear.

It seems unlikely that LJ will be going away very soon, even given the stink at SUP. They just sold all those perm accounts (mining the place for money), and if they closed down so soon after doing that they'd end up with hugely expensive lawsuits for fraud. My guess is they'll just try to drive us all away with neglect. Expect increasing incidents of downtime and chronically slow servers. And we don't have Brad to kick around anymore, either. What fun is it to kick around some obscure bozo in Russia? The Golden Age is over.

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