rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Gee, here it is January 2 already, and I'm still writing January 1 on my checks!

I woke briefly just after noon, looked out the window and saw that the fog had returned, and I immediately went back to sleep. Time was when I'd have been up and out for a walk at the sight of a foggy afternoon, but these days I'd rather catch up on lost sleep.

There have been the faintest of rains happening since last night. So few drops fall that the only way I know it's happening is because the metal roof of the garage beyond our back fence makes noise each time a drop hits it. Now and then a couple dozen will fall in a minute, and that's a downpour compared to the rest of the time, but the roof is never silent for more than a couple of minutes at a time. It's a slow-motion storm.

Although tomorrow is supposed to be clear, I'm not sure the clearing will come before the pre-dawn hours when the Quantarid meteor shower is supposed to be at its peak. Unfortunately, even if the sky clears, the shower radiates from the northeast, so there will be a clump of pines blocking much of the view from my yard. But I might see a few, if I can endure the cold long enough.

Now for a hot shower. See? Three kinds of showers in one night!

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