rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


For some reason it's gotten foggy here tonight. I've been told it's much thicker on the other side of town. This doesn't bode well for watching the meteor shower early Saturday morning. The chance of rain tomorrow is now 80%, though it's supposed to be only partly cloudy after midnight. It's going to be very cold again, too. Even if the sky clears enough to let me see the meteors, I'll probably freeze. Also, the neighbors still have about 300 watts of Christmas lights burning 24 hours a day. I wonder if I could sneak over there and pull the plug?

Sometime, remind me to write an entry about how time-consuming it is when old people mess the bed. On second thought, I think I don't think I'll write that entry. Laundry time now. Too bad it's too cold tonight to open the windows and let the house air out. Great beginning, 2009.
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