rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Various Forms of Damp

The gray cat decided to spray my back door. I know his dinner has often been late recently, and the white-faced cat has been hanging around again, but this is uncalled for. Obnoxious kitty.

The chances of something wet falling out of the sky here over the next three days have gone back up. As long as it's wet and not frozen, I won't complain. Well, I'll complain about the part that drips through leaky roof. The leaks have gotten worse. I had to empty at least two gallons from the buckets during the recent storm, and maybe three. If I could afford it, I'd just have the whole roof ripped off that addition and have a properly pitched roof installed— maybe with an open ceiling and a bay with doors at the back. This house probably wouldn't be worth upgrading, though, even if I could afford it.

Haven't felt any of the aftershocks from the early morning earthquake. They've all been too small and distant. That's something else I won't complain about.

Running late again. Oh, December.

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