rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The recent rain has washed away much of the accumulated snow, and the weather is looking good for tomorrow's scheduled head-yanking. It's going to be cold, but probably not cold enough for more snow, and the chance of anything untoward coming out of the sky is down to 20%. I don't relish going out on the afternoon of the day before Christmas Eve Day, but there it is. At least I won't have to go into any stores. Just get my head yanked, and back home, and once I'm back I won't have to go out again until after the holiday. I can sit around drinking hot tea while everybody mobs the stores and streets. There might even be a few minutes of direct sunlight now and then, as there were this afternoon. The rest of December could turn out to be tolerable for me. I hope the gray cat is staying warm (or warmish) in the shed.

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