rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Let Theare Be Light!

Some direct sunlight reached us today, and a bit of trickling could be heard in the downspouts as a tiny percentage of the snow on the roof melted. The ground is about as extensively covered as it was yesterday, though. This snow has no intention of melting away gracefully, it seems. But something that has gone away with remarkable speed is the foliage of the mulberry tree. Usually, some leaves linger into January, but despite the fact that the tree was still well-leafed only a few days ago, the snow and cold have conspired to strip almost every leaf from it at once. They now lie on the ground, almost obscuring the snow over a large section of the front yard. I've never seen that tree get so naked so fast. But I'm glad there will be no more shade from it this winter, and that most of its leaves can be raked up all at once.

I'd very much like a couple of mild days now, but none are in sight. In fact, precipitation of one sort or another is likely again beginning Sunday and continuing through Wednesday at least. I'll be especially annoyed if my head-yanking appointment, now rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon, has to be postponed again.

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