rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Again With the Cold and the Wet!

This afternoon we got freezing rain, brief hailstorms, snow flurries and, worst of all, sleet. The roads turned icy and my appointment to have my head yanked about had to be canceled. Later, strong wind began to blow. The whole evening's weather was quite splendid to see, and quite appalling to feel. With each strong gust of wind there was a disturbing creaking, cracking noise audible in the back yard, which was probably made by the trunk of a fir tree rubbing against the fence. I expect damage to be done. There is also very little runoff from the downspouts. It's likely that the accumulated snow has frozen in the gutters. I expect damage to be done.

Tomorrow is likely to be more of the same. Saturday is expected to be partly cloudy, and then there'll probably be rain, or whatever else falls from the sky (oh, let there be Fortean frogs) through Tuesday at least. If winter brings much more of this, it's apt to be a costly season.

Here's a photo of a snowy egret, taken recently by a Flickr user, at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. I wonder if this bird flew over my house en route from its summer home?

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