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Clouds and Pulps [Dec. 11th, 2008|11:41 pm]
There were lots of buttermilk clouds this afternoon, but they began clumping later. Tonight, they are drifting slowly, crossing the moon now and then but not concealing it. Instead, a halo of pale colors surround it whenever it is wreathed. I'd linger to watch, but it's still very cold out. Even the gray cat has vanished, probably to find some more sheltered spot than any my back yard provides. Maybe I'll put a hoodie on later and go out again for awhile. Right now I'm content to stay indoors with hot apple cider and cookies.

Hey, look what I found in the Internets! A web site displaying bits and pieces, giant scans of the covers, and content listings of, numerous issues of Railroad Magazine! This pulp publication was one of my dad's favorites, and he had stacks of them at one time. The web site has a whole section devoted to pulp magazines of various sorts (click on the "Main Pulp Index" link at the bottom of the page), and goatloads of other things as well (click on the "Main Index" link.) Hours of fun!