rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's been a while since I've seen the white-faced gray cat, but he's on the back porch now, eating the food the usual gray cat didn't finish this evening. Every few bites, he stops and scans the yard, knowing he's trespassing on another cat's territory. The gray cat spent the whole afternoon and evening napping in the back yard, but has gone off to make his patrol. I'll have to keep an ear open until the white-faced cat leaves. I might have to break up a fight. Gray cat doesn't realize that all the feral kitties got to eat here. He thinks he owns me, and every bit of food I put out.

The December chill continues, and the fallen leaves shrivel where they lie. By Saturday there could be rain. I'll have to rake before then. Wet leaves are no fun. It probably won't get cold enough to snow this week, but the way the season has gone so far I wouldn't be surprised to have some before the year ends. It's dipping into the mid-thirties tonight! The geese are now returning south in large numbers, passing over mostly during the morning and evening twilight. I heard a flock as I fell asleep early this morning. You wouldn't expect it of them, but geese sing a fine lullaby.

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