rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Totally lost track of time again.

There was a nice little slice of moon this evening. The clouds will not be thick enough to obscure it for the next several nights, so I can watch it grow. December has the best moons, and currently it has company, as Venus and Jupiter will be in the western sky each evening for the next few nights. One good thing about winter's lateness this year is that I'll be able to spend more time outside enjoying the sight with minimal discomfort.

Link: An interesting (if sometimes overwrought) article about Internet trolls in the New York Times Magazine. It was published last August, but somehow I missed it. One of LJ's favorite (if that's the right word) trolls, Jason Fortuny (whose LJ user name I've forgotten— no, really), got interviewed for it, and gets a few paragraphs. I recall seeing, and sometimes enjoying, Jason's comments in various LJ communities in the past, but haven't seen him around lately. Maybe he's gone on to bigger things, now that LJ is so long past its days of being the hot kid on the Internets. Or maybe it's only that I'm spending way less time looking at LJ communities. Because I'm still the hot semi-hottish older guy on the Internets.

Yo, trolls! 'Sup?

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