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It was nearly balmy today. Though the air grew damp and hazy as dusk arrived, there still hasn't been any of the fog I've hoped for. The forest wants fog! OK, maybe I'm projecting. But the forest would certainly look nice with fog, even on this moonless night. Tomorrow it's going to be seventy degrees and utterly clear. With days stuck in September, it would be nice if November would at least assert itself by night.

YouTubery: I like Amelita Galli-Curci's recording of Alexander Alabiev's Russian Nightingale, even though it was recoded late in her career, when her voice was in decline. The video is sans video, so if you want to see her, take a look at this blurry 1920s photo of her with boxer Jack Dempsey. The things one finds on the Internets!

Galli-Curci recorded Delibes' "Les Filles des Cadix" twice, but I think this version must be the earlier acoustic recording she did when her voice was still in its prime.

Here's a fairly long biographical sketch of Galli-Curci, which includes this interesting bit:
"In her account of the July 21, 1927 Dempsey-Sharkey fight for Universal Service of Chicago, Galli-Curci saw in Jack Dempsey a fellow artist: 'What I saw was the technic [sic], so cunningly covered, yet so cleverly displayed. I saw the steady advance of Dempsey, slowly but surely advancing to the goal which he had set himself - a showing to the world what he could do after all the world thought he couldn't. One could see that purpose gleam in his eyes and that's what won the fight.'"

Coloratura, boxing fan, sport reporter— what more could anyone ask for in a woman?

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