rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Being Novembery

This afternoon I saw the albino cat across the street. He was inspecting a car parked in a driveway, and finally jumped into it through an open window. He didn't steal the car. I had to go back indoors and didn't see him get out of it, though. He might still be in there, taking a nap. Maybe he's waiting until everybody is asleep and then he'll take the car for a joyride. Cats these days.

We haven't gotten rain yet, and the sky was only partly cloudy, but the chance of rain tomorrow and Wednesday has gone up to 30%. It won't be getting cold enough for snow, even at higher elevations. If it's going to be a cold winter, I hope there's lots of snow in the mountains. Not here, but higher up. The reservoirs badly need replenishing. The water coming from the tap stinks of chlorine.

Though the back lawn got raked a couple of days ago, it's already covered with a fresh fall of dead leaves. The oaks and the walnut tree ought to be pretty well naked in a couple of weeks, and then the work in the back yard will be over. The mulberry in the front yard has barely begun to shed, though, and there'll be raking to do out there clear into January. At least the mulberry got trimmed severely this spring, so the total volume of leaves it drops will be way down from recent years.

I'm very annoyed that I didn't get to see any good meteor showers this year. Most of them coincided with bright moons, and the most promising of the others, the Taurids, which peaked on November 5th, were concealed by clouds here. I hope next year will be better.

Now to nibble away at that pomegranate.

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