rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The day was marked by smatterings of rain, alternating with smatterings of sunlight. A sudden expanse of open sky appeared late in the afternoon to let the declining sun turn mountains of clouds pink, but relentless greyness returned before sunset. The leaves continued to fall all day, and now that darkness prevents me from seeing out my window I sometimes mistake the sound of leaves hitting those already strewn about for the sound of more rain. I'm glad I have a pomegranate. Its redness and tangy taste are the perfect complement to a not-quite-stormy night.

I got my head professionally yanked back toward its proper position this afternoon. It had gotten more askew again over the last few weeks, probably as a result of my frequently falling asleep on the couch, and from the odd positions into which I twist myself while sleeping under the pile of blankets I need in chilly weather. The adjustment has left me sore more than adjustments usually do. Sitting at the computer won't help. I'm going to ice my neck a bit and watch the television.

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