rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Oh, hello LJ. All moved to the new servers in Montana, safe and sound? I guess so. It's nice to know that dormando was one of those at the wheel. Though he hasn't worked at LJ for ages, he was there way back in the early days, even before I started using it (as was burr86, though only by a couple of weeks.) It makes me get all nostalgic for the days when the site was as cranky and unreliable as... Sluggo! Well, not really, but you know what I mean. It was fun to watch LJ gradually outgrow its frustrating bugs and glitches, and gradually fill up with all those posts that are now (securely, I hope) ensconced on the new servers.

I wonder if this final separation from 6A means that Brad no longer has to pay alimony to our former step mom? But then maybe he already got our from under that burden when she sold us to the Russians. Anyway, it seems like this move could be the last time we will ever be in the hands of anyone from the old LJ. End of an era.

Now I have to go log in to my crappy email service (AT&T Yahoo— crappiness must always be attributed) and see if the reason I'm not getting any LJ comment notifications is because they are shunting them into the spam folder as a result of not recognizing the new IP address from which they're being sent. Or maybe it's just LJ not sending them out? Ah, one last taste of the old days.

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