rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A blustery night has followed a cloudy day. The gibbous moon is alternately concealed and exposed by drifting clouds which have also brought intermittent rain. Brown oak leaves are skittering along the pavement with each gust of wind, and the night smells pleasantly of rain and unpleasantly of smoke from a fireplace somebody has filled with wood either green or rotten. A slug found its way onto my outside sink board, and I had to move the slimy creature to the lawn. I hope a night bird eats it. The gray cat probably won't be hungry enough to eat it, as he's already downed two bowls of food. I haven't seen him since the rain began, so he's probably hiding out in the shed, taking another nap.

I was going to link to this last night, but reading stuff I found there took so much time I didn't get around to it: Issuu is a web site full of magazines, reports, photo portfolios, and other documents uploaded by users. I've seen brand new stuff and stuff going back at least to the early 1930s. I haven't really figured out how to navigate the site yet, and I'm not sure I'll ever completely figure it out, but it's fascinating nevertheless.

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