rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dark and Stormy Night Due!

Looks as though tomorrow's rain will arrive this evening. Clouds gathered all day, and now the sky is completely overcast. The air has turned chilly and smells damp. The gray cat is already here, so I fed him early. He's now napping in the back yard, but he'll probably leave as soon as the rain begins. As the forecast now anticipates that four days of rain are likely, I suspect that I might not see him for quite a while. I've never seen him here during rain before. I'll bet the white cat won't be so reluctant to get himself wet for a meal, though. Gray cat has fattened up recently, and white cat verges on scrawny.

Every crow and woodpecker in town seems to be out right now. The afternoon is full of their caws and squawks, and the clatter of beaks on tree trunks. A flock of small brown birds is making its way down the block, pecking at lawn after lawn. The jays are flitting about in large numbers, too. Very early this morning I even heard a flock of swans flying over. The whole avian world is active ahead of the storm. Now the air, long still, has begun to stir slightly, making the lower leaves of the mulberry tree wave and quiver. I expect the first raindrops to fall any minute now. I can hardly wait to hear them.

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