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An entirely new cat has shown up. I first saw it on my back porch last night. I opened my window shade and saw it there, poised as if to run. The sound of the shade going up must have disturbed it while it was getting a drink. It's all white, and from the way its eyes looked (vaguely pinkish), I think it might be an albino kitty. The gray cat wasn't around. After I looked at the cat for a couple of minutes, it sat down, as though it had decided not to fear me, so I went to the back door and opened it as slowly as I could. By the time I had the door open ad was about to open the screen door, the cat had vanished and I heard it going over the gate beside the garage. Not even the gray cat is so avoidant. But the bowl of food I leave out was empty, and I'd filled it only a short time earlier, so the white cat must have been taking an after dinner drink when I disturbed it.

This afternoon, I saw the gray cat doing a fast creep across my back yard. It jumped on top of one of the posts of our side fence. The posts are lower than the tops of the wide pickets, and there was just enough room for the cat to hang there, his head between the pickets as he looked into the neighboring yard. I wish I'd had a camera, as it was a very odd scene. Then he finished going over the fence and seconds later I heard a cat fight begin. I went to the fence and looked over it, and the gray cat was chasing the white cat, who leaped the fence at the other side of that yard. Having driven the intruder away, the gray cat returned to my yard moments later and sat down to lick himself. From this contretemps I suppose I can assume that white cat is either male or a neutered female, since the gray cat has always been willing to share his space with intact females.

The gray cat will probably be staying close for a while, now that he knows he has a rival for the food I leave out. I guess I'll be hearing cat fights until the white cat gives up on the idea of getting into that food. If he does give up. I don't know if the gray cat's success in running him off this afternoon was his own doing, or if the white cat simply heard or saw me approaching the fence. I guess I'll find out when they start to scrap while I'm not out there.

The partly cloudy sky was only minimally coudy today. Well, the chance of rain only begins on Friday (it's been raised from 20% to 70%), so I guess there's plenty of time for the vapors to get their act together. I'll be very disappointed if there's no rain this weekend.

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