rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Internets Overflow and Drown Me

Another day when the Internets coughed up some big chunks of stuff. First I ran across this pics list page of a website for history teachers in Omaha. I don't know if it's supposed to be available to the general public, but it is right now and it's loaded with links to photos, drawings, political cartoons, video and audio clips, texts, and even powerpoint presentations, about various subjects pertaining to U.S. history. Later I found their front page, where you can get what appears to be the same list from the "multimedia" link, though it appears in a little box not as easy to use as the big page.

One entertaining picture I found linked from there was this 1884 political cartoon from Harper's Weekly, commenting on the Cleveland/Blaine contest for the Presidency. It's an interesting example of history sort of repeating itself. Follow the brains. Heh.

Another big chunk of Internets found among their links is the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, one of those ritzy nonprofit outfits, this one launched by a rich dude (Richard Gilder) and a conservative academic (Lewis E. Lehrman.) It gives every appearance of being a center-right organization, meaning that it espouses the sort of stuffy, responsible, upper-crust Republicanism that Sarah Palin's fans will doubtlessly consider radically Communistic and un-American. Anyway, it has lots of nice graphic stuff in its collection, though most of it doesn't appear to be online yet, so there's frequent disappointment when using its search feature. The interactive online exhibits it does have are interesting, though, in a PBS documentary sort of way.

Perfect autumn weather, of course, and when I went out a while ago I saw moth on the wall. I didn't recognize it as a moth until I aimed my flashlight at the dark spot and it took a header into the sink. I must have scared it. Maybe it thought the sun had gone nova. Silly moth.

And the gray cat was out there, waiting for his third bowl of food since this afternoon. He seems to think he needs to fatten up for the winter, as though the packaged dry cat food would soon be going into hibernation or something. He doesn't know how it works yet. Either that, or he keeps up with the economic news and expects me not to be able to afford to feed him soon. He could be right. I gave him his third bowl.

Oh, I've also gotten some more Archway cookies, before they vanish from the shelves forever (if that's how it ends.) Got Apricot, Molasses, Date-Oatmeal, and Frosty Lemon. Yum. I will now make myself sick with them.

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