rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cookies Tossed!

The squirrels are having a great time raiding the walnut tree in my back yard. I heard them cracking shells all the mild afternoon. I wonder if they'll leave any nuts for us this year? Go eat acorns, little rodents! The walnuts are mine! Meanwhile, the gray cat was napping in a sunny spot. A big help he is! He could easily have run the squirrels out of the tree if he'd wanted to. I'll still feed him, of course, even though he's a lazy bum. He's a cute lazy bum. The squirrels are cute, too, but they don't recognize me. The gray cat sits on the porch waiting for me, and always looks happy to see me, even though he won't get within ten feet of me. The squirrels just ignore me.

I only just found out that a California institution (though it hasn't been located in California since 2006) has been shut down. Mother's Cookies, produced in recent years by the Michigan-based Archway & Mother's Cake and Cookie Co., fired up its ovens for the last time over a week ago. There is still some stock on the shelves at our local Safeway, as we picked up a couple of packages of Archway cookies the other day. I was intending to get some Mother's peanut butter cookies, but they were out of those. Now the company is being investigated for accounting irregularities. Cookie fraud! The worst kind!

Given the name recognition of the brands, I suppose it's possible that some enormous cookie monster (like Keebler, with its deceptive, tiny elf front men) will buy the shards of the company and produce at least some of its classic products, such as the frosted animal cookies so beloved by this fellow in Portland, Oregon, among others. I was never a big fan of the circus animals, but I'll sure miss those peanut butter cookies. Oh, and the pecan shortbread cookies. Those were tasty.

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