rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hoodie Time

Raking season soon begins. Leaves skitter along the street, gusts of wind bring a veritable hail of acorns, and every step brings the crunch of pine needles underfoot. I, of course, could not be happier. Warmly dressed, I go out and watch the crows fly across those lately exposed parts of the afternoon sky not long ago concealed by foliage, then return indoors and make tea to go with hot muffins. I'll wait for the lawn to be thick with leaves— almost buried, in fact— before I begin raking. Then there will be a huge pile of them to admire. Autumn fun!

YouTube fun: Aretha Franklin teams with Tom Jones (WTF!?) to sing it like it is to the world's stockbrokers. The video quality is abominable, and the audio mediocre, but Aretha's performance, even truncated as it is, compensates for the limitations.

Gray kitty is napping on the bit of rug on my back porch. It's very cold out tonight, and windy again. If I fixed up a box for him, lined with a blanket, I wonder if he'd use it? He flees every time I go out, so I doubt it. Poor kitty. It's going to be cold for him this winter. He's survived others, though, so I guess he'll be OK.

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