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An enormous spider is trapped in my back porch sink. Last night I saw her near the top of the wall, next to the kitchen window. I wonder why she ventured down into that trap? I suppose I'll put some sort of ramp she can climb to escape the slippery porcelain walls of her prison. Still, I shudder when I think of her loose again, perhaps seeking some crevice through which she can enter my house. I imagine her making her way to my room, crawling across my covers as I sleep, approaching my head. Tiny spiders (other than the venomous sort) don't bother me, but there's something creepy about the big ones. I hope when she escapes the sink she just goes away and doesn't bother me anymore.

I've found I have to enjoy the cool weather quickly. Temperatures will go backup into the low eighties by Tuesday. The recent rain, and today's scattered clouds and chilly breezes, were too good to last. Ahead lies a whole week of summer-like balminess. Well, I suppose it will give me a chance to use up the last of the frozen fruit bars I bought last month and never finished. Annoying to have to put my autumn mood off, though.

Sunday Verse

Primavera Mia

by Sara Teasdale

As kings, seeing their lives about to pass,
Take off the heavy ermine and the crown,
So had the trees that autumn-time laid down
Their golden garments on the dying grass,
When I, who watched the seasons in the glass
Of my own thoughts, saw all the autumn's brown
Leap into life and wear a sunny gown
Of leafage fresh as happy April has.
Great spring came singing upward from the south;
For in my heart, far carried on the wind,
Your words like winged seeds took root and grew,
And all the world caught music from your mouth;
I saw the light as one who had been blind,
And knew my sun and song and spring were you.

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