rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It turned out to be an excellent autumn storm. Last night there was almost constant rain, and gusty winds knocked acorns from the oaks every couple of minutes. It sounded like there'll be a big crop of acorns this year. Happy squirrels! Then, an hour before dawn, the rain diminished and the clouds lowered to become fog. The morning twilight was all gray and deep green and filled with the steady drip as the pines shed the last of the rain.

Even though the steady rain didn't continue, there were occasional showers until late afternoon when the clouds parted and patches of woods and fields kindled with bright light while the slate storm still claimed the northern sky and concealed the mountains. Crows appeared and filled the freshened air with cawing, and I saw a crested jay being chased by an ordinary blue jay. Evening brought a waxing crescent moon to the clearing sky, and the gray cat returned to my yard, ready for the meal he'd missed yesterday. Now the chilly night reveals its stars, and the still air is quiet. It smells of October.

Now, tea.

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