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No squirrels came around today, the birds were quiet, and well after nightfall the gray cat is still absent. Instead, there is rain. All day there was drizzle, and evening brought a steady drumming punctuated by the occasional clatter of an acorn rolling down a nearby roof. Though the cat has not turned up, I've left food out for him. I don't want him to go unrewarded should he make his way here through the storm. Other than missing my feline visitor, I'm as pleased as I've been in months. The rain is expected to continue through tomorrow, and I'm sure that by Sunday the lawn will be turning quite green again.

The areas burned in the wildfires will be turning green again, too, but for now they remain unstable. Flash flood warnings are being broadcast on radio and television, and a few spots may suffer landslides. All the danger zones are some distance from here, though, and I can enjoy the rain in peace. All I have to watch out for is the roof leaking and rain dripping into the back room. Buckets are being kept handy.

For those with spare time over the weekend, 33mhz has unearthed a YouTube treasure: G.W. Pabst's 1931 film version of Brecht & Weill's Threepenny Opera in eleven videos adding up to about an hour and forty minutes. High quality versions are available of each, for those with high speed Internet. I'm watching the standard versions, but the restored film is quite clear even in the regular YouTube window. It's in German, of course, with English subtitles for both dialogue and song lyrics. It's a good way to pass part of a rainy autumn evening.

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