rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wet Anticipation

Very early this morning a bit of rain fell. It was barely enough to dampen the ground, but it sounded nice and smelled even better. Though the whole day was mostly cloudy, no more rain came. But there's supposed to be rain tomorrow and Saturday! Gray kitty will get wet, but aside from that I'm delighted. The first rain of autumn! And if I survive the night I'll have lived to see it!

In the "Easily Entertained" department, Internets fun: At the rude website Holy Taco I found this Sarah Palin Facebook page parody. Mostly predictable jokes, but I was quite amused by the Vladimir Putin and Bill Clinton avatars in "The Wall" section, plus Bristol's bit about having "...narrowed it down to two names...." I vote for Twix!

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