rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It warmed up a bit today. I still resisted the lure of the air conditioner. Our utility bill is of the type that's evened out over a six-month period, either building a credit or incurring a deficit each month, depending on how much gas and electricity we use. Usually by the end of summer we've acquired a considerable credit, which then gets applied toward our winter bills when we use a lot of gas for heating. But this year we've used the air conditioner so often that the credit is quite small. I'm going to try to keep the coming increase to a minimum.

Fortunately, the current warming trend will last only two more days, so the physical discomfort will be limited. The financial discomfort is going to be worse, I'm sure. I'll be surprised if the winter bills will be less than $300 a month. Well, if the winter turns out to be mild, then we might build up a credit and then next spring we'll get a significant reduction. But then, by spring maybe nobody will have any money anyway, and I'll have to pay the bill by providing sexual services to Peter A. Darbee. I wonder if he'd let our meter-reader guy sub for him?

Of these two rich guys who still have money, who has the more entertaining (too you) indulgence?:

Internet! The gift that keeps on giving!
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