rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Let Them Eat Paper! And Cake!

The continuing spectacle of the Republican party's internal meltdown has me so astonished that I've been at a loss to choose which reports about it to link to. I suppose this one from The New York Times is as clear as any. A day of chaos, indeed! Why I should be so astonished, though, is puzzling me. It's been obvious for quite a while that this train was on the verge of leaving the tracks, but seeing the wreck itself finally happening remains shocking somehow. I watch in horror, but can't look away. Oh, Herbert Morrison!

But the Internetz will provide low humor with which I may distract myself from the carnage!

Poo cake!

(From Cakewrecks— thanks, hyperina!)

Also, weather was experienced, as usual. See any of the last several days for details.
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