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Come and Get It! [Sep. 24th, 2008|08:33 pm]
Everybody loves pie, right? Here's a pie showing the proportional relationship of earmarks to the total Federal budget and deficit:


I stole this pie from this windowsill at Brad DeLong's house (an LJ feed of Brad DeLong's semi-daily journal is available at braddelong.) Don't worry about Brad starving, though. He has an identical pie cooling on this windowsill, so he won't go pie-less. Not to mention that if you look in either window you'll see piles and piles of red meat, and a quick sniff will bring you the smell somebody's fat goose being cooked. Enjoy!

A cicada has turned up in my yard near my window and is buzzing so loudly that I can't hear the crickets. Accompanying the buzz is a cool evening breeze carrying a faint whiff of distant skunk. I've sneezed a couple of times in the last hour, and I feel a slight irritation at the roots of my eye teeth. These are both indications of the potential onset of a head cold, one of the dangers of seasonal transitions. Shortly I'll have to take steps to thwart the virus, including closing the window, thus denying myself the pleasant fresh (albeit slightly skunky) air. On the upside, this will also close out the racket of that damned cicada. I need a cricket for my hearth.

Hot tea, I think, and cookies! An ideal autumn evening snack.