rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Library of Congress went and uploaded new pictures to its Flickr photostream today instead of on Friday as it usually does. Much eating of my time ensued.

I think the striped kitty may have been in my yard last night. The kitty was facing me so I couldn't see the distinctive markings striped kitty has, so I'm not positive. Naturally I couldn't get any closer or she'd have run off. Whether her or not, this kitty didn't eat anything, but the gray kitty sure did. I fed him twice and he downed every scrap.

Speaking of food, here's a randomly found LJ link: merccom has 28 pounds of ground goat! OMG! frank! Oh, well. He hasn't updated in over a year anyway.

For those who may give a rat's arse about my weather: Warm day, cool night.

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