rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

At Last

A pair of rambunctious squirrels entertained me this afternoon. Their frolic involved scrambling up an oak tree, leaping to an adjacent pine, and then one squirrel chasing the other down the pine's trunk in a spiral pattern. When leaping to the pine, they must have startled an acorn woodpecker on a higher branch, who immediately flew off with a loud squawk. The squirrels obviously didn't care about the bird, as they continued to play without interruption for several more minutes, finally departing my neighbor's yard over its back fence, and heading toward the woody area a hundred yards away.

The squirrel show added more enjoyment to what was already a pleasant day, the peak temperature having been at least ten degrees lower than yesterday's. The birds didn't even come rushing when I refilled their water bowl, and they were obviously enjoying the mild afternoon as much as I was. Much chirping was done, and many edible morsels pecked from the dry grass. A hummingbird again visited the few remaining jasmine blossoms (which, by the way, smell as fragrant as they did in spring, though being few it is necessary to get very close to them in order to discern their scent.) Even better, the mild weather is expected to continue through the weekend. Welcome, fall.

Freebase calls itself " open, shared database of the world's knowledge." In fact, it's a wiki, and it scrapes Wikipedia for many of its entries. Members can add information on their own, and can even overwrite the fragments of Wikipedia articles the site posts. I'm undecided as to whether "Freebase" is a very appropriate, or a very inappropriate, name for a site that gets so much of it's content from Wikipedia, so many of the editors of which are obviously on crack.

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