rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Clouds massed this afternoon, too late to prevent by their shade the sun from toasting us thoroughly, and then they lingered to hold the morning heat close. I heard some distant thunder but have seen no lightning. I hope their is little electricity in these clouds. I'm sure there's little chance of rain. The air doesn't even smell of damp.

The most exciting thing to happen all day was a contretemps between two blue jays, one crested and one not. The two varieties are not fond of one another, and this pair got to bickering over who could use the water bowl I put out for them. The crested jay ended up being run off, despite being much louder than the other. After the one had been driven away, the regular jay came back and sat in the lilac bush for several minutes, making sure the interloper did not return. Birds of other species were discouraged by loud squawks when they would approach. Jays are so territorial, but they also are of limited attention span. I was glad when the guard bird flew away so the finches and sparrows could splash and drink.

Also, a skittish new stray cat turned up in the front yard this evening. It's a brownish gray kitty. If it's female, I'm sure the gray tom cat will try to add her to his harem. Just what I need. I'm bound to end up being step-dad to his kittens yet.

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