rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Another Catty Post

I just heard a near-fight between kitties. Cute little kitties with sharp teeth and claws. I know about the claws. This evening the friendly, front-yard cat turned up after not being around for a few days, and she was so happy to see me that she decided to try climbing me as though I were a tree. When I reached down to discourage her from digging deeper into my leg, one of her claws raked my thumb. The thumb scratch hurts more than the leg scratches, which were minimized by denim. I wish I'd been wearing gloves. The kitty still got petted after scratching me, though. The only abusive relationships I'll endure are with cats.

I still haven't seen the stripy back yard cat who probably has kittens. I'd think that after four days she'd be hungry enough to make her way here to see if any food was put out. Maybe she's been here during the day while I'm sleeping. The gray cat, of course, still comes every night and eats. He was out there a while ago, but left, and is probably one of the tow I heard yowling at one another moments ago. The other might be the orange cat he ran out of the yard (with a bit of assistance from me) some time back. I didn't go out to see for sure because, by the sound of them, they were some distance down the block, probably out of sight in somebody else's back yard. I'm glad it didn't turn into a full-blown fight.

The day's heat was oppressive once more, but by the time the moon began glowing just above the pines to the southwest the air had cooled to a pleasant balminess. There are far fewer cicadas buzzing then just a few nights ago, and I can distinguish the chirps of a few crickets above them. By midweek, the days will be in the high 80s— almost autumnaly mild, compared to the last few days. There are more leaves on the ground every day, too, and it won't be long before I'll have to be dragging the rake out. I hope it gets cooler before then.

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