rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

September Surprise

Another golden poppy bloomed today. It must have been getting water from a nearby flower bed. This is definitely not the time of year one expects poppies to bloom. I wonder if I could get more of them to bloom if I watered the whole patch frequently? It would be extravagant. It wouldn't be ostentatious, though, since the poppy patch is in the back yard and nobody sees it but us. If the nights turn chilly again, and there is a string of merely mild days, both of which are apt to happen in September, the poppies will probably turn off their blooming function, though, and the water would have been entirely wasted. I probably shouldn't do any extra watering.

The striped kitty hasn't shown up tonight. I think she might be off having kittens somewhere. She hasn't yet looked especially rotund, but young cats sometimes have small litters that don't show. I'm pretty sure that she herself was born in that fairly isolated shed about a hundred feet beyond my back yard, sometime early last year. The gray cat, who is probably her kitten daddy (and might even be her daddy as well) has the food bowl all to himself. Last night he was in the yard most of the night again, as the weather has turned mild once more, and he's out there now, napping on one of his two favorite spots on the lawn. Funny how cats pick favorite spots. The whole lawn looks pretty much the same to me.

Anyway, another nice night is ahead, and the absence of a moon will make the stars brighter. I intend to go out to see Orion rise, if I remember and don't take an unintended nap. I hope Jane Austen will keep me awake.

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