rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

There's a nice, cool wind blowing, and lots of dry leaves skittering down the street. It would probably smell good, too, if somebody upwind were not cooking something stinky (I'm picturing tuna casserole) and another person doing laundry with what smells like one of those smelly fabric softeners. The smells will go away in a while, and it will be nice out again. Even the cicadas are fewer, and I hear none nearby. Maybe last night's cold killed some of them.

Last night's cold probably had something to do with the fact that neither of the feral cats hung around after eating. For a few weeks, the gray cat had been sleeping in my back yard most of the night, and sometimes the striped cat would stay as well. Tonight they've both already gone. Kitties have no idea that it's not polite to eat and run.

If gray cat isn't around, he'll be unable to defend his supper dish from any other strays that might come by. A few nights ago he had a run-in with a big orange cat. I heard the early yowls and went out to break it up. The orange cat panicked at my approach and took off, and the gray cat was right after him, forcing him to turn and stand his ground, but when I got even closer he made another break and slipped through a gap in the fence. Gray cat followed, but I heard no more confrontations, and gray cat returned half an hour later to nap on my lawn.

I haven't seen white-faced cat in a couple of weeks. Maybe gray cat scared him off for good. The friendly cat with the blue-green eyes hasn't come into my yard (that I know of) for three evenings now. Last night I didn't see her at all, but this evening I think she was lying in the driveway of the house across the street. Maybe she's gotten a home there. If so, she'll have to share it with several small dogs, but another cat used to live there so the dogs would probably accept her. She probably gave up on my house because I wasn't giving her any food and wouldn't let her in. It would be nice if she found a place nearby. Then she could come and visit once in a while.

Time to go see if the air still stinks. I hope it just smells of pine and dry grass.Those are the perfects scents with which to begin September.
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