rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tether's End

Today was supposed to be cooler than yesterday, but it didn't feel cooler. Maybe it was the humidity. About four o'clock, the sky clouded up and I feared we might be in for a lightning storm, but nothing came of it. Still, at sunset the purple and gray clouds to the west made the sky look beaten and bruised. The heat has certainly made me feel beaten and bruised, and I've gotten crankier each day that it's persisted. Today I felt downright surly. It damned well better cool off tomorrow or I'll be blowing a gasket, and we all know how messy that can be.

The new cat didn't show up last night, but this evening I saw her in a front yard across and up the street. She appeared to be stalking something, and probably didn't notice me. The two feral cats did arrive on time, though, and got a special treat: canned food I still had in the cupboard. I'll continue to give them a can of food now and then, until it runs out. OK, when it runs out I'll probably end up buying more. Pwned by cats!

There'll be no moon tonight, but there are still plenty of cicadas screeching away. I wouldn't be able to hear myself think... if I still had the ability to think.

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