rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

August Drags On

The temperature outside right now would have been very nice for a late summer afternoon. As it is, there's a terrible disconnect between the balminess and the absence of sunlight. It's like the sun has gone out! OMG the sun's gone out and we're all going to die! But actually, the sun's not gone out, and that's why we're all going to die! Broiled like lobsters!

The heat hasn't diminished the appetites of the feral cats, though. They downed a big bowl of dry food I left out for them. I'm sure they'll be back begging for more later. They'll get it.

Oh, and I'm not watching the convention. I figured if anything really interesting happened, like Bill Clinton flashing the crowd, I'd hear about it on the Internets. I won't be watching the other convention, either. I just don't enjoy reality television. It's too artificial.

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