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No entry yesterday because I lost my Internets connection again. Oy, AT&T! Their DSL modem is so touchy! Drops the password at the drop of a password! Their self-support tool is a complete tool! Their automated phone support system is a labyrinth! After all the putzing about, and listening to lots of obnoxious "hold" music, and the conclusion by the recorded guy on the automated system that my Internets connection wasn't working (duh!), I finally got to talk to a live tech support guy in India (who was "named" Marvin!) and the problem was solved in a couple of minutes. Now I will get an e-mail from AT&T asking me to rate their tech support service, and Yahoo, their partner who provides the AT&T-branded e-mail service, will mark it as spam! Yahoo is run by Yahoos!


While I had no Internets, I read a bit more of my copy of Jane Austen's "Emma" in the Oxford Illustrated edition paperback. Every single page was still there! No tech support needed!



Last night a deer came into the back yard. I startled it when I went out the back door, and in its eagerness to escape it crashed through the broken part of the fence, knocking it down. I do hope the deer wasn't injured. I don't know how it got into the yard in the first place, but it must have either squeezed through the narrow gap next to the broken piece of fence which was leaning against the gap where it is supposed to be fixed (in which case it must have been a very small deer), or it jumped the fence, which would mean (the fence being about five feet tall) that it must have been a very large deer. I guess I'll never know which it was.

Also, bears have been spotted in town. Doubtless they are bears displaced by the fires. As our house is so close to the river, and near the burned-over area, this is one of the neighborhoods a displaced bear would be apt to visit first. I haven't seen any, so far. I'm not eager for such an encounter. Bears aren't as skittish as deer, and a hungry one would be unlikely to run away if it saw me in my back yard at night. It would more more likely to ask me if I had any tasty sauces to put on its dinner— me!


One reason I continue to put up with AT&T: On dial-up I'd be unable to watch YouTube videos such as this tango!

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