rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

On Paper

I've started re-reading Jane Austen (and I'll be reading a couple of books I never got around to for the first time) and it's going to leave me less time for Internets. Something about the hot weather, I think, is making me want to lie around reading. Right now about halfway through "Persuasion" which is one of those previously unread, though I saw the television movie they did on PBS recently.

Austen's world seems surpassingly strange to me— which is not surprising, I suppose, since I'm so far removed from it both in culture and time. I wonder if I could ever get used to living like an early 19th century upper-class Englishman? I'm sure I'd enjoy the landscapes and the houses, but I suspect I'd find everything else terribly confining. Shooting things wouldn't appeal to me at all, though I probably wouldn't mind sneaking off by myself to do a bit of fishing in some rustic stream— especially if I didn't catch any fish.

Off to shower now, and not think about the still-sultry air crowding the air conditioned house.

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