rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Haze turned the sun a vivid shade of red as it set today, though by that time it had been all but entirely concealed by the dense foliage of the trees across the street. The color was suited to the heat, which I am not. It makes me cranky and leaves me in need of distraction. Distraction? YouTube!

The movie version of George White's Scandals of 1934 was released in March of that year, bringing it under the wire before the movie industry's Hays Code went into effect on July 1. That's why Alice Faye, in her film debut, was able to sing the risque lyrics of Oh, You Nasty Man! The movie is seldom seen today, partly because, on the whole, it isn't very good, but also due to one of those embarrassing minstrel-inspired numbers that are among the plagues of early Broadway and Hollywood musicals— this one featuring Jimmy Durante in blackface doing a parody of Al Jolson (which might have been good satire, had George White been more astute than he was, but it ended up at least as tasteless as the schlock it attempted to mock.) In any case, this clip of Alice Faye is a splendid bit of pre-code audacity— replete with flashes of camel toe! Yikes!

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