rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Yesterday evening I lost track of the day and thought it was Friday. Today I continued to think it was Saturday until seeing Friday on the newspaper disabused me of my delusion. I suppose it doesn't matter, as one day is pretty much like another for me. Still, it's a bit distressing to have my memory flake out on me. And I was once so good at keeping track of where and when I was.

Whatever day I thought it was, it was at least a bit cooler, and the evening has become very pleasant. All the clouds are gone and the half moon is sharing the sky with a selection of summer stars. The feral kitties have had some supper, and I'm going to get the shower I missed last night when I took an unintentional nap, and then slice open the mango I got for a mere dollar at Safeway.

I recall Mantovani as a 1950s era purveyor of saccharine music performed by an orchestra with an abundance of violins. A YouTube discovery has revealed that he was fond of violins even in the 1930s, but the sound they made was quite unexpected. Mantovani and his swinging violins, in a 1937 recording of a song for which no name is given.

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