rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


All afternoon there were clouds of various kinds drifting north in stately procession. First, there were feathery wisps of cirrus, these later giving way to clumps of cumulus large enough to occasionally cast a brief shade by which the torrid day was moderated. These were followed at evening by clumps of smaller clouds, which are now gleaming white with the sun's last light in the deepening blue sky. Though the landscape is darkening as dusk falls, the air remains still and sultry. At least the clouds didn't bring a lighting storm— at least none that I could hear— to start more fires.

There were water-dropping helicopters flying east again this afternoon, but their trips were much longer, so the fire which flared up nearby yesterday must be out, or contained, and the helicopters were probably going to the fire near the middle fork of the river. No scent of smoke has reached us all day. Let it stay that way.

Two of the feral cats (gray kitty and gray tabby kitty) spent almost the entire night on my back porch last night, after arriving before sunset. Tonight, only the tabby kitty has shown up. I wonder what the other one is up to? Maybe he's got another female to visit elsewhere.

Out in the rest of the world, amusement happens. How dumb does something have to be for it to be successfully mocked by Paris Hilton?

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